Bulk SMS Solution

Bulk SMS Solution

Our Bulk SMS service aim is to offering quality SMS solutions and services which convey information as fast as possible to the concern person.

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the cheapest way to do marketing which gives an immediate result to generate leads for your business. Bulk SMS has 2 classifications which is Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

Bulk SMS is a complete business management solution which is preferred by over a million customers across the world. We offer Bulk SMS service for personal and business use and it also helps you to developing your own business in the market. More and more small and medium sized companies are using our Bulk SMS service to communicate with their clients and to reach new customers.

Types of SMS

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the cheapest way to do marketing which gives an immediate result to generate leads for your business. Bulk SMS has 2 classifications which is Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS.

Promotional SMS

This type of bulk SMS are mainly used for promoting your business or service to random people to generate enquiry and leads. It helps get an immediate result with visibility. People who receives your message they can even become a word of mouth for your business. Promotional SMS has its limitation due to TRAI’s rules and regulation as it cannot be sent to a DND (Do not disturb) activated number and the timing to do the SMS push should be between 9AM to 9PM only.


Here you can send messages which are promotional in nature like advertisement, offers, coupons and more.

  • Message will be sent with a 6 Digit Alphabetic Sender Id or a 6 Digit Random Numeric No.
  • Messages can only be sent from 9AM to 9PM
  • These messages will not be delivered to DND numbers


Transactional SMS

Such bulk SMS are mainly used for an Opt-in customer/Subscribed user. This helps you to provide an update and alert details about your business to your subscribed customers. This works as your virtual “SMS customer service representative” since you are keeping in touch with your customers who has subscribed your service for their purpose through Transactional SMS for all types ofalert SMS. TRAI allows such SMS to reach even on a DND activated numbers but you will need to provide the opt-in proof to ensure that you are sending SMS to your subscribed customers only. Transactional SMS can be sent 24/7.


  • In a transactional route you can only send informational messages like one time passwords (OTP), bank alerts, booking and order alerts.
  • Messages will be sent with a 6 character sender ID. Ex: PHOX India is the company name so you can have a sender ID of IM-PHOXIN.
  • Messages can be sent 24/7.
  • Messages can also be sent to DND numbers.

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Desktop Application

You can easily use Bulk SMS service from your desktop / laptops by enter the URL: http://www.skytechnolab.com in your search engine. If you are already existing customer then sign in your account otherwise sign up yourself in our panel and start sending and receiving messages.

Mobile Application

It is easy to use you can simply install our app from the android market in your android mobile and you can directly start sending and receiving the messages in your mobile phone.

Application Areas

Application Areas of Transactional Route

Application Areas Description
Banks & Institutions Bulk SMS services are used for transactional details of user’s accounts, EMI & insurance reminder, interest rates and all other query information to the customers.
Stock Market Bulk SMS services are used for sending tips, share information and what is beneficial to purchase and what is not and other information which is important for receivers & senders.
Hotel & Resorts Bulk SMS services are used for sending information like check in / out time, dinner or lunch ready to the visitors who are in the hotel & resorts and greeting SMS to the clients.
Schools & Colleges Bulk SMS services used for exam alerts, events & function information, school & college reopen dates, new classes & lectures details, fees reminders and many other information to the students & their parents.
Travel & Courier Bulk SMS services are used by industries for sending arrival & departure of vehicle, shipment details, delay of arrival & departure information as well.
Automobile Industry Bulk SMS services used for sending vehicle EMI reminders, loan / interest rate details, greeting & other value added services information.
Social Club Bulk SMS services used for sending information & reminders to the club members like morning walk reminders, activities of club, functions, award ceremony and many more informations.
Bulk SMS API Bulk SMS services providers used following Application Program Interface (API) like File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP), E-mail.

Application Areas of Promotional Route

Application Areas Description
Travel & Tourism Bulk SMS services used for promoting their services in the market, special offer alert, holiday packages and so on.
Banks & Institution Bulk SMS services used for promoting their new offers, services, new products and so on.
Hotel & Resorts Bulk SMS services used for promoting holiday packages, guest visiting, events details, new services and other value added services to their clients & visitors.
Bulk SMS services are highly used by media and entertainment for promoting latest movies, events & also advertise other services in the market.
Advertising agencies used Bulk SMS services to promote and advertise events, and other brands in very cost effective manner.
FMCG Industry Bulk SMS services used by Industry to promote their brands, outlets and provide the new offers information to the end users.
Consumer Durables Bulk SMS services used by Durables dealers for promoting various brands, new offers, special packages & so on.
Schools & Colleges Bulk SMS services used by for promoting their Colleges & Schools in the community or in the area.

Bulk SMS Plan & Validity

S No. Particulars Qty. Price / SMS Basic Amount(Rs.) GST @ 18% Total Amount(Rs.)
10,000 SMS Pack
(6 Months)
10,000 20 Paisa
25,000 SMS Pack
(1 Year Validity)
25,000 18 Paisa
50,000 SMS Pack
(2 Year Validity)
50,000 17 Paisa
1,00,000 SMS Pack
(5 Year Validity)
1,00,000 16 Paisa